Mechanic XG-50 Solder PPD Paste 183°C


Mechanic XG-50 Solder PPD Paste 183°C



Characteristics of the product:

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Unique recipes, perfect performance, easy to weld, glossy and complete welding, seamless, fake welding, etc. Good welding and welding tool.
  • Professional tin cream for BGA mechanical lead-free welding flux paste for BGA soldering station.
  • Soldering paste, 183 °C, melting point grade, easy welding, easy molding.


Product specifications:

  • Material: plastic + soldering paste.
  • Color: as shown in the picture
  • Type: XG-50, 35g
  • Microns: 25-45um!
  • Application: For iron soldering station flux cream with BGA motherboard.
  • Function: repair of mobile phone chips, computer and digital services industries, high-precision circuit board SMT welding, BGA welding process, etc.
  • Hello Performance!
  • Storage conditions: 0-10 °C.



  • Harmful by inhalation and if ingested.
  • Danger of cumulative effects.
  • Keep away from food, drinks and animal feed.
  • When using it, do not eat, drink or smoke.
  • Avoid prolonged or repeated contact of any skin with solder paste. In case of ingestion of solder paste, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Store closed and fresh containers.


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