Martview SP-01 Intelligent Screen Protector Film Cutter Machine


Martview SP-01 Intelligent Screen Protector Film Cutter Machine




  • Support multiple specifications of protective film, explosion-proof film, high-definition film, carbon brazing film, and other common front and rear / back films in the market, with a thickness of up to 0.4mm
  • Multiple operation modes, with an independent operating system, it can be used on a stand-alone or connected to a mobile phone. Both Android and Apple mobile phones can be connected, allowing you to cut anytime and anywhere
  • Convenience, inclined display screen design. The inclined display screen design can be operated whether standing or sitting
  • Multipurpose feed, automatic paper feeding, and manual paper loading functions are optional
  • Support multiple models screen film, It can support mobile phones, iPads, cameras, watches, and more than 8000 types of screen film cutting, one machine, one film, solve all troubles
  • Support large size protective film cutting, The maximum size that supports cutting is 7.9inch
  • 3 pressure bar design, the pressure is more balanced
  • Support to connect to the printer, customize and choose to cut custom patterns, that is, the design is cut and paste. Convenient and fast, you can change any pattern you want
  • Cloud database-real-time update
  • Imported high-precision industrial-grade cutting head can be retracted, disassembled, and replaced
  • Fine holes, durable, and physically adjustable cutting head under pressure, smooth cutting, and perfect details
  • High precision, accurate hole position, and perfect fit
  • Multi-language, support such as Chinese/English/Spain/Portuguese/German/Japanese/Russian/Arabic/Ukrainian/Indonesian/French/Turkish/Malay/Korean/ and other languages
  • Voltage: 100V- 240V 60/50Hz

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