2UUL DA11 4in1 Hand Finish SEXY Blades Set


2UUL DA11 4in1 Hand Finish SEXY Blades Set



2UUL DA11 4in1 Hand Finish SEXY Blades Set

Description :

2UUL 4 In 1 SEXY Blades Hand Finish For Phone PCB Under-fill Clean Multi-functional Motherboard BGA Chip Glue Cleaning Scraping Pry Knife

A special process handle, sandblasting can produce a shine in the alloy surface and fine texture with frosted effect, alloy in point solution after applying a current in the metal surface to form a colored oxide layer.

Edge hand-made by more than 10 years working experience in maintenance technician manually polish all the way, the manual processing technology to improve the smooth sharp edge at the same time, and repeat grinding easier

The packing list includes 4pcs blades and 1 blade handle:

Model S: Separate the CPU and Nand flash

Model E: Mobile phone motherboard IC CPU glue removal

Model X: Professional edge glue removal tool

Model Y: Cut the underfill black glue without hurting the motherboard.


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